Start here for a quick overview!

Start here for a quick overview!

Hey there! Welcome to Level Transact. This website exists for two reasons:

  • To raise funds and keep you updated on our progress towards a great blockchain-based real estate escrow platform
  • To share things we find interesting that touch on the future of real estate

We are a growing collective of real estate veterans from finance and brokerage to property management and title insurance to private equity, passionate about making real estate transactions simpler. Check out how you can contribute.

The big distributed ledger in the sky (blockchain) has given way to some interesting opportunities in the real estate space. Some projects looks promising, while others obviously haven't been "in the industry" long enough to understand how allergic to change real estate is. Blockchain is not our native language, and we try to always distill big ideas down to real world, understandable messages.

Our content can be broken down into three main buckets, and we hope you'll go down the rabbit hole with us:

  • A primer on real estate, blockchain and how they could work together
  • General articles on everything from real estate, crypto, economics, markets, and more
  • Internal updates on the progress Level Transact is making

Some of the internal updates and in-depth articles are only available to paid subscribers

Disclaimer: Nothing on this website is intended to be construed as legal, financial, investment or relationship advice.